The latest news on my screenplays and films!

MARCH 2018

Since last visiting this page, I have written four screenplays for Lifetime TV. Two are in post-production. I also was hired to rewrite a TV pilot that is currently being shopped in Japan, a unique bilingual show that I am not yet at liberty to discuss.

My cowriter Blake and I have been doing rewrites on our period drama TILLIE and I am very happy with the results. I can’t wait to send it out as soon as we’re through this particular round.

Also, I have finally had a chance to revisit SPICE, a TV pilot I co-wrote with Kimberly Tierney. Sometimes time and space allows you to gain clarity. What we realized is that the show was not about who we thought it was, but about a supporting character instead! I love when the people “in the background” suddenly lurch forward and make themselves heard loud and clear. Such is the case with our character “Emma” — who you will be hearing more about soon.

I finally finished watching all seven seasons of “Mad Men.” It was really hard for me to say goodbye to it, but I bought the entire seven-volume set of scripts and so, I will never be that far away from the wonderful world of characters that were so alive for me.

Will be back as soon as I can come up for a breather!


It seems I have not left the computer for two months. Further updates were made to the script I wrote for Concord Films and we are now discussing a new project, which is always exciting. I wrote the synopsis for that and the producer seems pleased, so, we’ll see 🙂

I was also hired to help shape up a new show idea that is being marketed to Netflix Japan. More on that when further progress has been made.

Blake and I have completed TILLIE, the artwork for which has been posted. I’m thrilled with it. No, the film has not been produced… yet… but the artwork makes it feel alive. That’s all been through the magic brush of Patrick Ijima-Washburn, who I met when Ellen Sandler taught some writing classes here in 2008 (I became a fan of her book (The TV Writer’s Workbook) and brought her to Tokyo from Los Angeles. She continues to be a fantastic mentor and friend.

I have a book of my own that I hope will be finished soon. More on that later.

Much to do this month; a lot of reading for possible new screenplays and getting TILLIE in shape to send out to competitions and producers. It’s a full-time job doing any of this, not to mention promoting myself and my projects. But I’m confident this is all leading towards something wonderful, so I soldier on (in the hot, wet, unforgiving Tokyo heat).

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

JUNE 2017

Although I have been quiet for a while, it does not mean that my pen has not been moving. It has been in constant motion since the beginning of the year.

The latest: I completed a script (thriller) on assignment for Concord Films, an indie production company with a slate of films produced for Lifetime TV. It was a great experience and we are currently discussing the next project.

Soon I will post information on my newest screenplay “TILLIE,” a historical drama that my co-writer Blake Pinter and I have been researching and working on for about a year. “TILLIE” is a unique girl, and all will be revealed soon.

As for our award-winning screenplay “BIG SISTER,” we had some brilliant artwork done by Patrick Ijima-Washington which should help give the story at a glance.

I will also be able to return to my TV drama spec script “Spice” now that my co-writer Kimberly Tierney has given birth to her second child. Like Blake, I met Kimberly in Tokyo and we have discovered through our writing sessions that we have many similarities in family names and although we are not related, we feel like we are. Like they say, joined at the hip!

To read more about my projects with Blake and Kimberly, please visit the Scripts page on this site.


This has been a lovely month!

“BIG SISTER” is the winner of the FIRST PRIZE, Drama Feature, in this year’s FilmCrash Screenplay Competition!

“BIG SISTER” is a quarterfinalist in the 2016 Cynosure Screenwriting Competition

“SPICE” is a quarterfinalist in the Screencraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest!